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產品規格:DC output: 12-24V 6A 90W(MAX)
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Product Specification:

AC input: 100-240V, 1.8A  50-60Hz
DC output: 12-24V  6A 90W(MAX)
Optional USB output: DC 5V 1A (MAX)
Size: 104x70x17mm
Net Weight: 190g


Product Features:

1.   Ultra Slim housing with 17mm and very competitive size , but enough power with 90W
2.   Adopted with SCM computer controlling technique to make sure working precision
3.   Five-Circle and jade-green working indicator, fashionable and smart appearance
4.   More than 28 optional connectors cover almost all brands of notebooks
5.   LCD display on DC cable showing working voltage, visual and reliable.
6.   Adopt the newest ultra slim transformer technology and double panel PCB used.
7.   Adopt ABS+PC materials for the housing with fireproofing function, being more safe and
8.   High efficiency: up to 91%
9.   Innovation product, self-designing and produced with own patents
10. Protection: Over voltage protection, Over temperature protection, Over load protection,
      Over Current protection, Short circuit protection


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