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       Established in year 2003, LVSUN is a HI-TECH enterprise which is focused on products innovation ,quality & service innovation and committed to build the brand operation platform of developing ,designing , producing ,selling and service .Our registered brands are LVSUN,KAMERA ,UDOLI and etc. Our company has a number of solely-owned subsidiaries both in abroad and domestic, with more than 1000 workers. Our main products are digital camera batteries, camcorder batteries, laptop batteries, power adapters , mobile power bank, waterproof LED driver, chargers and etc. 


      Global Expansion and International Brand Strategy

      In year 2004, We have established more than 20 branches and offices in mainland China. In year 2005, we set up Kamera   overseas sales company, and continued to participate in different sessions of world-renowned exhibitions, like CES and CeBit, so we’re selling into more than 100 different countries and regions worldwide. Also in 2009, LVSUN international trademark was successfully registered in many countries and regions.


      Innovation Design and Strong R&D Ability.

      During nearly 10 years of development ,LVSUN gathered a group of first-class, HI-TECH R&D and management talents, equipped with a variety of specialized testing devices , and gained almost a hundred of patents both in domestic and foreign countries. So our products occupied a new market space and rewrote the consumption concept for customers. As we’re the first company who designed the universal power adapter series with LCD/LED display and auto-switching, in year 2007, our products have won the “International Electronic product Innovation Award” in HK.


      Production Capacity and Quality Control 

      LVSUN owns two production bases in Shenzhen, with a total covering area of more than 30,000 square meters. We mainly produce high-capacity Li-ion battery, power bank, universal power adapters, specified power adapters, waterproof LED Driver, digital chargers and etc.  Our company adopt the ISO9001:2008 International quality management system , ERP software management and advanced OA paperless office systems management . All our products are produced by lead-free production process, which can meet the EU WEEE and ROHS regulations and standards, also we’ve applied and acquired many quality certifications for different countries.


      Customer-First, Market Demand-Oriented is our service concept, all of our products implement the Gold Service, Nationwide Warranty as our service commitment. So for all the end users, they could enjoy not only the innovative products but also the value-added service.

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