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2012 LVSUN Spring Festival Gala Evening was successfully held Theme: Strive for Ideal and win the Fu
2012-02-02 16:49:14    Views:2527

On Jan 13th, 2012, LVSUN headquarter with “Strive for Ideal and win Future, fast forward as Dragon & Tiger Step" as the theme of 2012 Spring Festival gala was ceremoniously held in the factory. All LVSUN people, especially for our program actors which are from our production lines, were preparing well and all in order to wait for this special moment.

Members attended the party there were: LVSUN Electronics Technology, LVSUN New Energy, LVSUN Optoelectronics Technology,  transformer factory all staffs, also our strategic co-operated partner and some of our staff families, around thousands of people. LVSUN Electronics was mainly responsible for this party, each subsidiary company participated in programming, after two more months of preparation, ultimately we selected 19 splendid performances. Our general manager XuJianHua also attended the party, addressed his wishes and announced the opening of party to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival.


晚會開場  開場曲《從這里開始》

                                Opening Party                                                  Opening Song《Start Here》


總經理徐建華先生發表新春致辭  大合唱《龍威盛之歌》 

General Manager XuJianHua addressed the Spring Festival Wishes           Chorus《 Song of LVSUN》


龍威盛管理人員就職宣誓 頒發特別貢獻獎

         The oath of LVSUN management personnel                  Special Contribution Award Ceremony 


A 《 Song of LVSUN》 singing together with our whole LVSUN people started the party,it’s a song of our LVSUN spirit --- innovation, unity and progress day by day. After that, all the LVSUN management personnel made a oath voluntarily since we have same dream and would like to make progress together with LVSUN. 


企業榮譽秀  企業榮譽秀  

                            Enterprise Honor Show                                          Enterprise Honor Show 


In the past year of 2011, LVSUN was continuously became the Golden Strategic Partner, the national  AAAA Standardization Good Behavior Enterprise, and Shenzhen Famous brand, which is a solid foundation for the development of new year and also built a strong platform for doing LVSUN as the international famous brand. 


產品秀,浩大的美女陣營   產品秀,超薄筆記本電腦萬能適配器 

       Products Show with beautiful ladies        Products Show --- Ultra slim universal notebook ac adaptor 

產品秀,LED防水電源   產品秀,超薄數碼移動電源

                   Products Show ---LED Driver                          Products Show --- Ultra slim power banks


龍威盛新能源帶來的歌曲《青藏高原》   舞蹈《天下無雙》

《Qing Zang Gao Yuan》Song from LVSUN New Energy                           Dance《Tian Xia Wu Shuan》 


Dance《Better and Better》 


There were many wonderful programs like products show, melody, dance, drama, short sketch and so on in a variety of forms, which represents that in recent years, LVSUN’s great achievements, LVSUN people unity, pioneering innovation, uplifting spirit in different way, and also expresses our good mood to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Especially the cheerful dance,《Better and Better》wishes LVSUN development to be better and better in future. After the party, the LVSUN leadership went to the stage, shaked hands with related workers and congratulated the party as a success. 

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