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Multi-function adaptor&charger LS-PAB90-BC10 acquired European Union patent
2009-08-27 14:00:14    Views:3908


        Lately, LVSUN ‘s multi-function adapter &charger LS-PAB90-BC10 acquired technology paten from European Union patent. At the same time,this model has already acquired several patents from the China Bureau of Patent.


        With the patents, multi-functions and strong practicability, our multi-function adapter &charger LS-PAB90-BC10 is the most powerful product compared with other relative products. It is smart and compact , color optional( like iron-grey, black, leather black, purple, silver and etc). Out Voltage shift and show automatically on the LCD screen ,when you change the output connector, automatically. There are more 20 models of DC connectors and can support and supply power for more than 1000 models of laptops. Also the standard USB output can charge and supply power for the digital products. With this patent, the product will be stand out easily ,and will also enhance our product competition ability .

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